Welcome to the YOW (Yidden on Wheels) website. Founded in 1995, YOW MC is the largest Jewish motorcycle club in Canada. We are based in Toronto, but travel throughout Canada and the United States. The YOW’s continue to be active in the community, participating in many community and charity events collectively and individually. Although we are primarily a Jewish club, other denominations are represented and are welcome to join and participate.

The YOW Motorcycle Club is a member in good standing of the Jewish Motorcyclists Alliance (JMA). The JMA is an umbrella organization whose affiliate clubs consist of official, organized motorcycle riding clubs representing over 2,000 Jewish motorcycle enthusiasts from Canada, the United States, Australia and Israel.

One of the main events of the JMA is the Ride to Remember (R2R) an annual event which the YOW’s have always participated in to promote remembrance of the Holocaust and through remembrance, to ensure that history will not repeat itself.

During the riding months, there are regularly scheduled rides and events for our members to partake in, and during the winter months we continue to meet and plan out our rides for the coming season.